Welcome (你 好)to SEAL!

SEAL East Asian Languages is an exciting way to learn and master a new language. Whatever you're reason for learning Chinese or another Asian language ...

  • Succeed in business relations with China and the Chinese
  • Enhance your job prospects and professional skills
  • Prepare for college Advanced Placement and Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)
  • Have fun and meet new people
  • For children, get an early start on language learning
  • Travel and personal enrichment

... SEAL has the right program to help you succeed.

The SEAL Method ...

SEAL designs class structure and programs to meet the specific needs of the students. By combining traditional educational materials with customized learning tools, SEAL instructors provide students the ability to advance rapidly advance their language skills while allowing them the flexibility to continue their Chinese studies in other school programs should they wish.

Convenient, Flexible and Affordable ...

Students are taught be experienced, native teachers at the SEAL classroom facilities in downtown Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island, or at a location - school, business, home, etc. - convenient to them. Classes are arranged according to the students' schedules, and can be held days or evenings, weekdays or weekends ... What's more, SEAL training is affordable; compare us to other high-quality language programs, and you'll find that SEAL offers a great learning value.

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